Novita Health is your place of wellness.

Our physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and other services help you prevent injury and loss of function, and our classes help you recover from injury or surgery.

Our Services

Preparing for or recovering from surgery, regaining and maintaining movement, getting balance back into your life, and recovering from injury – these are some of the reasons clients rely on our professional team at Novita Health. From one-on-one sessions with our physiotherapists to group sessions and classes, people travel from all over Adelaide to access our services and heated pool.

How can we help you today?


Whether it is for fitness or overall well-being, hydrotherapy is a safe and fun way to exercise, for rehabilitation of an injured body part or assisting after surgery.


Whether you’re injured, suffering back or neck pain, or experiencing other issues affecting your movement, our qualified and experienced physiotherapists are here to work with you.

Core, Control, Balance

To get the most out of life, we need a sound body with a strong, healthy core. Our Core, Control and Balance classes will gently help you create a stronger foundation for better day-to-day movement and activity.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is another of the therapeutic services offered by Novita Health, which aims to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or, in some cases, immobile.

Pre and post knee surgery

If you have knee surgery planned, talk to your specialist about working with Novita Health so we can help you prepare for surgery and recover from it to ensure you give your body its best chance to return to full mobility.

Improve your balance, avoid falls

Injuries from unexpected falls can significantly disrupt your life. By improving balance and re-learning how to fall, you will regain resilience and the ability to go about life with confidence and safety.

Chronic Pain Management

Ongoing pain is debilitating and can drastically diminish your quality of life. By working with the team at Novita Health, you can access therapy to help isolate and manage your chronic pain and its causes.

Sporting Injuries

Injuries are common in sports, but our physiotherapists are here to help you recover. Alongside traditional assessment and treatment, we offer hydrotherapy to safely restore your strength.

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