Why your recovery from knee surgery should start before the operation

Before your knee joints become too painful, talk to one of our physiotherapists. They will be able to work with you prior to any surgery. If you have been recommended for knee surgery, speak with your physio about a pre-op program and a post-op program.

Our physiotherapists at Novita Health regularly work with knee surgery patients and they recommend  pre-operation exercise as a smart way of helping your body’s recovery from knee surgery.


Why should you work with a physiotherapist before knee surgery?

Novita Health physiotherapists suggest two methods for making a better transition to mobility after knee surgery:

  • gait education
  • strength building.

Gait education helps recovery from knee surgery

It can help improve your ability to stand and walk, which means you’ll be starting from a strong position after your operation.

Through gait training, your muscle memory is developed, which can help your body improve the way it carries your weight as you move. In turn, you will develop new mobility habits ready for use with your new knee(s).

To undergo gait education, it is ideal for you to be healthy prior to your operation, so it’s best to start a physical activity program with your physiotherapist. This program can be tailored to your needs, as you may be experiencing a lot of pain.

To build your gait, our physiotherapist will establish how much you can tolerate due to the pain you may be experiencing and tailor these physical activities on land or in our hydrotherapy pool.


Strength building before knee surgery

Working with a physiotherapist before knee surgery is a great way to build your overall strength.

Your body may need to re-learn as it adjusts to your new knee(s), and even small improvement in hip and leg strength will stand you in good stead for recovery from knee surgery.

As you start to walk, climb stairs, and get in and out of chairs after your operation, your body may be under stress, so having extra strength before your operation will be a great help.

Your Novita Health physio will tailor a set of exercises for you, and guide you through them in each session.

Our physiotherapists are also available to liaise with your surgeon to make sure all your support team is working together for your benefit.

Your new knee(s) will give you a new lease of life and some careful physiotherapy before your operation will make sure you’ll end up putting your best foot forward.